June 7, 2020 @ 7am near Sky Valley, Georgia
JUNE 7, 2020 @ 7am

near Sky Valley, GA

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The Rabun Half Marathon showcases some of the prettiest wilderness in North Georgia


This 11.5ish mile course takes you on 4 miles of pristine single track, crossing 14 footbridges over creeks and small waterfalls.  You will summit Rabun Bald, the 2nd highest point in Georgia, and enjoy the 360 degree views overlooking 3 states.  You will tackle some killer downhill vert and then visit two, with an option to see a third, beautiful waterfalls before finishing.



The Rabun Half Marathon is 11.5ish miles, 6000 ft of elevation change, and traverses the trails and fire roads as follows:


You'll climb USFS 7 (Hale Ridge Rd) for 2ish miles

Hang a left on the Bartram Trail and enjoy 4.2 miles of pristine singletrack

Summit Rabun Bald!

Go behind the firetower and descend about 2200 ft down 2.8 miles

Turn left and climb USFS 7 (Hale Ridge Rd) for about 2 miles

At the road intersection, go straight to hop on the Holcomb Creek Trail

Visit Holcomb Creek Falls and Ammons Falls

Turn right and you'll see the Finish




Created by Sean "The Run Bum" Blanton in 2013 as a preview course for the Sky to Summit 50k, the Rabun Half Marathon has taken on a life of its own.  This race takes participants to the purest form of trail running and racing and focuses on the beauty of what the wilderness offers.  The Rabun Half Marathon offers no swag or finisher awards.  Instead each runner is rewarded with the course itself. 

The continued relaxed vibe of the Rabun Half Marathon falls to Susan Brock.

This event continues to support Run Bum's Sky to Summit races by providing vital course maintenance and allowing prospective Sky to Summit runners to get a feel for 50k and 25k courses.



Here's some important stuff to help you enjoy your race.

This is a cupless race.  Bring a water bottle and/or collapsible cup and don't do gross things with our containers.

Don't be a litter bug!

Bring a camera!  Go up the firetower!  Visit the waterfalls! 

Aid along the course:

We will have a water drop at Beegum (4.5ish miles) before you go up Rabun and one manned stop with water/gatorade at the Three Forks (8ish miles) trailhead.

If you want food, gels etc... bring it and carry it.


Here's what I look at for weather for this event:

You're welcome to use whatever works for you.


PLEASE CARPOOL! Meet up with other runners in Dillard/Clayton/Franklin and drive in from there. All vehicles are to park along ONE SIDE of Hale Ridge Rd/USFS 7, and no vehicle is to impede traffic flow or access to any intersecting road or trailhead. There is no parking in the actual Start/Finish area, outside of start/finish volunteers. Please follow the directions of the parking volunteers.


You have 4 hours to complete the course.  It will take most people 2-2:45. DO NOT COME AND HIKE THE WHOLE THING!

Course Records:

Men: Sean Blanton (2015) - 1:38:52

Women: Cera Jones (2018) - 1:58:34


No SWAG means you get nothing but a sweaty hug, a high-five, and/or a pat on the back when you finish.  If you need "stuff" to validate your race efforts, then this event if not for you.



For other questions and comments email

This event is executed in accordance under permit by the US Forest Service.